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Our Story: Punjabi Juttis have been the traditional footwear for Punjabi women for centuries. Punjabi Juttis portray class, strength, and power while maintaining the elegance, richness, and humbleness our Punjabi culture is known for.

We brought together the finest artisans from all over India to bring you the best Punjabi Juttis. All are Punjabi Juttis are hand sewn and hand embroidered. This will make sure you have a one of its kind Jutti. You will never see another person wearing the exact same mojari as you.

We with our craftsmen work hard to bring you designs to fit every occasion. So be it a wedding, a birthday or a hang out with friends, you will surely find a pair on our website to go with your attire.

Each of our Punjabi Jutti tells a different story of beauty and liveliness through its bright colors, clean curves, impeccable finish, and commitment to quality and uniqueness of the product.

Our Punjabi Juttis are built with the most premium leather which will give you a feeling of walking on cushions every time you wear them. This also makes them one of the lightest footwear you would’ve ever worn.

All are Punjabi Juttis are ‘chotta panja’. Since women in older times wore full body veils, they wore chotta panja Punjabi Juttis to portray their beauty through their feet. The covering area in chotta panjas is between two and a half to three inches.

At Rehmat Kollection we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure what you wear is in trend and appealing. To stay true to this, we have very strict rules regarding what stays on our shelves.

We’re a footwear company dedicated to bringing the royal and ethnic footwear of Punjabi women, i.e Punjabi jutti, to the masses. We have a vision of seeing a pair of Punjabi jutti in the wardrobe of every young woman.We at Rehmat Kollection are willing to go above and beyond to meet this goal by offering unmatched customer service and even superior products. Our designer mojaris are known to stand the test of time without losing their elegance and charm.

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Happiness is guaranteed at Rehmat Kollection. If we fall short of your expectations, give us a shout out.

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